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For recurve as well as compound bows we have cases in nylontex, imitation leather, polystyrene or stanfac.

Chest protectors

Strong and breathable in Nylon-mesh material


Hip-, junior-, standard- and Elite versions in leather, suede, imitation leather, nylontex or Stanfac.


Several versions; single as well as double in leather or Stanfac material and with velcro- or hook and eye fastening.

Tabs and gloves

We have tabs with anchor, finger-spacing, closed or pinch free versions. Material in leather, cowhide (hair), suede, rubber middle, anti-slip back.


We have bowslings for bow-mounting, wrist or fingers.


In top-to-top or limb-to-top versions


Various accessories as bowsadles, pockets, belts, arrow rests, limb protectors and more

About us

Well known in archery for 45 years already.

Welcome at Gompy Archery Accessories.

As manufacturer we deliver to wholesale and shopowners. Endcustomers can contact the various shops who sell our products. All visitors can find the productinformation on this website.

The compagny was founded in 1970 by Dhr. G.A. van den Corput. He started after few years of active archery. Since he was born in a family of leather tanners, this is one skill he could put to the company's use.

Daniëlla van Ginneken joined the company in 1988 and in 1995 she became co-owner.

Since 2010 she is the sole owner of the company. Founder Mr. Van den Corput passed away in 2013.

Now we are manufacturer of all kind of archery accessories like: bowcases, quivers, chest protectors, armguards, etc, etc. On this website you will find our complete and very broad assortment. All of these products are offered at a fair price - quality relation. Materials vary from leather to imitation leather, nylontex, stanfac, etc, etc.

If you have interest in our product, ask your local store, Gompy delivers world wide. If you own an archery shop yourself please contact us, or fill in the online contact form and we will contact you.

It is our pleasure to keep you informed...

With kind regards

D. van Ginneken

Your contact at Gompy Archery Accessories

I love to help you
Daniëlla van Ginneken
As archer I test our own products regularly. Besides I’m happy to be of service to you by phone or email, I try to be involved with the production of your order as much as possible.

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